Giving Birth To Moms

We are a team of highly qualified and trained Obstetricians, Neonatal specialists & Pediatricians at Ovum Banashankari, providing the best care to thousands of families in South Bengaluru.

We make moms feel happy with over 3000 babies born at a survival rate of 99.7%. Ovum Banashankari has gained the tag of being the safest birthing center in the neighbourhood.

Gynecologists and Pediatricians Available 24/7
Our Services
Women's Health
Specialized care for a healthy mind & body
Maternity Care
Peaceful pregnancy and successful delivery
Fertility Care
Helping couples become parents
Pediatric Care
Helping children grow healthily
Newborn ICU
Immediate attention to premature infants
Ovum Banashankari has everything you need!
Delivering Quality and Attentive Care

Our facilities are highly advanced and well-equipped for a safe and pleasant delivery experience.

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced medical consultants are experts in delivering positive outcomes.

Our Facilities

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Suite Rooms

Private Rooms

Twin Rooms

Emergency Rooms

Operation Theaters

Labor Room

Consultation Rooms

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