Urinary Incontinence During Pregnancy

-A conversation with Dr. Nazima Parveen (MBBS, MRCOG)   Are there different types of urinary incontinence? It is quite common for women to develop urinary incontinence during pregnancy. There can be either stress incontinence which is leaking urine with a cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise (including running, jumping, lifting weights) or it can be urge incontinence […] Read more

Importance of Folic Acid

When should I start taking Folic acid? The body goes through several changes during pregnancy. It needs to be supplemented with important vitamins beforehand, to prepare itself for a healthy pregnancy and baby. An important vitamin that plays a vital role in the early stages of pregnancy is Folic Acid. Now, the important fact to […] Read more

Gestational Diabetes

The rising rate of Gestational Diabetes   Even if you’ve never had to think twice about blood sugar, gestational diabetes is now a possibility. Monitoring your health is crucial during pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), or high blood sugar during pregnancy used to be relatively rare, occurring in about 3 percent to 4 percent of […] Read more

Managing Premature Twins

Management of Premature Twins babies Twin babies at 32 weeks (8th month), were extracted after caesarian section (LSCS) for anterior placenta which makes normal delivery very challenging. The twin children were showing signs of distress and hence emergency LSCS was performed, however the twin babies were premature and required intensive care. Premature birth or Preterm […] Read more

Stage 1 Food for Babies

MAKE ‘EATING’ A JOYFUL EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR BABY- STAGE 1 FOOD   Preparing baby food, especially stage 1 food, is convenient and quick at home.   Since this is the first time your baby is consuming something other than breast milk, you should make it a joyful experience for your baby. Try different varieties of […] Read more

Acute Gastroenteritis in Babies

Acute Gastroenteritis An 11-month-old infant was brought to the casualty of Ovum hospitals with complaints of more than 15 episodes of loose motion and 4-5 episodes of vomiting on the same day. The child was feeling weak and was not able to consume any food. This was a critical condition and required the expert attention […] Read more