Blog on Zika during Pregnancy


In conversation with Dr Srisailesh Vitthala

Getting infected with Zika virus, while in pregnancy, would mean a lot, for the mother and the newborn. Doctors across the world advice, the zika infection has to be top of mind concern for pregnant women, or those who are planning pregnancy.

Zika virus is transmitted by an infected Aedes mosquito, the same which spreads dengue and yellow fever. Though, for many with symptoms of infection, it is the pregnant women who need to be take care, as the illness can be devastating to the newborn.

If infected with zika, while in pregnancy, could lead to pregnancy loss, or, a baby born with congenital deformities. Recent researches have found that a utero infection could lead to a condition called glaucoma, in the infant, which could damage eyesight, hearing. The condition can also cause growth problems in babies.

Medical studies are still ongoing to discover the entire spectrom of the zika virus infection on newborns, as the virus infection was a recent discovery.

The major symptoms of the infection include low fever, headache, rash, muscle and joint pain, conjunctivitis or red eye.

Talk to your doctor to know more on zika infection.