Tokophobia: Fear of Pregnancy

It is absolutely natural to be worried about being pregnant. Pregnancy brings about drastic physical changes, mood swings, and anxiety. But, some women are scared of the very idea of being pregnant. This condition of extreme fear of childbirth is called Tokophobia. It is also known as Enfantaphobia. What Causes Tokophobia? Tokophobia can have primary or […] Read more

Knee Pain During Pregnancy

Knee pain is fairly common during pregnancy as the weight you gain during the gestational period puts pressure on the knee joints. The hormonal changes that occur during the course of pregnancy play a vital role in knee pain. During the third trimester, hormones are released in order to relax the pelvic musculature to prepare […] Read more

Bottle-feeding Basics

Feeding your baby is a surreal experience. When you decide to bottle-feed your baby, it’s common to have questions and queries about the best ways to do it. Feed your baby every two to three hours or as your baby seems to get hungry. Don’t try to force feed your baby. Your doctor will advise […] Read more

Pregnancy Don’ts

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience and every mother-to-be has questions and doubts about their maternity. Although many elders, friends are relatives are ready with their advice, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional regarding queries about pregnancy and delivery. Some things which can be avoided during pregnancy include: Over-exertion Rides at the amusement […] Read more

5 Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miraculous event experienced by a woman. Over a period of about 40 weeks, the fertilized ovum develops into a human being inside the mother’s body. During the nine months of maternity, both the mother-to-be and the growing fetus undergo many changes. 5 stages of pregnancy: Stage 1- Conception: This is the first […] Read more