Nutritious Diet For Your Child

A nutritious diet is essential for the growth and development of your baby. You have to ensure that they get all the proteins required from the food they eat. Given below is a list of several food items that are nutritious for your baby:

• Protein: Eggs, meat and seafood are rich in protein. Apart from these non-vegetarian food items, beans, soya and peas are also good choices, as they have significant amounts of protein.

• Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are good for nutrition at any age. Therefore, it is good to give them vegetables at an early age.

• Fruits: They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, fruits like pomegranate are rich in iron, which is required for the haemoglobin.

• Dairy products: Encourage your baby to eat lots of dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. They are rich in carbohydrates, fat, calcium and proteins.

• Grains: Give your baby grains like oatmeal, peas, beans and rice as they are rich in minerals and are good for health.

Also, make sure your kid drinks lots of water to keep him or her hydrated.

Right from conception till the birth of your baby, it is important for the mother to be healthy and eat the right type of food. Consult your pediatrician and gynaecologist on a weekly basis. Stay away from things that you know may be harmful for your baby, during and after pregnancy.Don’t be a smoker or a passive smoker either. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat too much of oily or fried food.

Always ensure to follow the list of nutritious food we have recommended above and you and your baby will be healthy pre-pregnancy and post pregnancy.