Week 4 – Time to share the good news

The fourth week is when the pregnancy tests begin to show positive results. It’s a special period for the parents and the whole family. By this time, your baby has grown from a single cell to a size of a poppy seed.

What happens during fourth week of pregnancy?

You just got to know the good news, and now you must be curious to know what your little one is up to. When you were unaware about your pregnancy, you baby has grown from one cell to a size of poppy seed.

You baby has different layers of cells that will eventually develop into different organs and body parts. You baby is now safely placed in an amniotic sac surrounded by amniotic fluid and a well-developed placenta to protect and provide nutrition to your growing child.

What to do with the diet during this time?

Consult your Doctor, understand the importance of dietary supplements such as iron, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin D. Take balanced diet as suggested by your Doctor.

Watch for cravings but avoid unpasteurised foods, undercooked meat, raw or partially cooked eggs (check mayonnaise, salad dressings, mousse etc.), liver and mercury-laden fish. These can cause food-borne illness that can harm baby. You should avoid spicy and greasy foods that can cause heartburns. Refined breads, cereals, pasta and rice. ( Steer clear of foods that’ll clog up the works). Notorious gas producers, such as beans, fried foods, soda and sweets.

How a Dad-to-be can stay prepared?

Being a parent is a big change in one’s life, and this period of nine months is a great time for a Dad-to-be to mentally prepare himself for a new member in their family.

Be sensitive

Mom-to-be will need lots of emotional support and care during this time. You can sit and discuss with her about her expectations, sometimes it’s just easy to ask. Discuss how to disclose this news to family and friends. Be sensitive towards what she is saying, after all its your child she is going to get in this world.

Be proactive

While she is coping up with the changes in her body, you can support her by finding out the leave policy in her office. Plan your work schedule and leave accordingly. It is important that you accompany her for all the cherish and low experiences.

Learn to do house work

If you have not done yet, help her to complete house hold work, especially physically challenging ones. Let her not exert more as she is already being challenged with the body changes.

Be loving

Emotional stability will give her happiness that is required for her strength and your baby’s emotional wellbeing.

Visit a Doctor

Accompany her to meet your doctor, make the visit to hospital, see the available rooms and delivery suit. Enquire about the available facilities such as emergency care, availability of NICU and Neonatologist at the hospital. Ask your questions to your Doctor.

Make it memorable

Make sure you capture every moment of this journey. Pen it down what you felt. These memories will be cherished by you and later by your baby.


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