Effects of Lockdown in Children

How to keep your child busy during lockdown

Today we are heading towards the third week of lockdown and it’s been extended further to another two weeks now. Keeping children busy and happy is a challenge for parents and especially for working moms.  We need to be sure that they are not in front of the screen for long hours.

Kids who typically spend three to seven hours in a structured educational environment away from home are stuck indoors. Many activities that are planned for the family and children for this summer vacation are stopped. In these conditions, keeping kids engaged with creative activities of their interest is tough.

When kids find their parents at home they expect them to play with them or take them out etc what they used to do on weekends.   Here are a few tips to keep your children emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy during this lockdown.

Parents can encourage creativity by questioning:

  • How can I? Why should it? What would happen if? How can I make this, or how can I change this? It’s about making sure that children are always being asked those questions.
  • Collecting the materials required to make a craft with available things at home.
  • Setting challenges between siblings- that who can do it better today, for example drawing, running, craftworks, etc.
  • Find some online resources like Twinkl, BBC Bitesize.
  • Try to create your own space in the house and change the look and make it useful for you.
  • Allow children to cook and teach them what they can cook without your help while you’re working.
  • Getting creative together- you can cook, you can paint, you can dance, etc. this will be a fantastic thing for your children and time will just go away.
  • Keep children connected with friends or extended family members in a safely by phone or video chatting.
  • Children can narrate a story to elders; all can play in-house games like chess, caroms, and board games.
  • Encourage children to exercise along with you at home like skipping, squats, and pushups.

Prepare your young ones for going back to school

Young children between 6 to 14 years need to be handled carefully and keep them inspired and prepare them for returning to school.

Teach them life skills-

These lockdown days are really good days to teach children some life skills. Everything need not be academic. They can learn how to fold their clothes and keep them in their respective shelves correctly. They can mop the house or vacuum; fold their bed sheets after they wake up. Keep their minds focused on a goal and not on things out of their control.

We are all in this situation for the first time and all of us are learning. So be kind and don’t get frazzled, and forgive if they make any mistakes. Remember that your children are transitioning as well. You might need to use a lot of negotiation with them and give and take. This is a pretty new role for you but it’s not going to be permanent and there is no quick fix.

 A good thing in this situation is that you are going to know more about your child.

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