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Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know

The Omicron variety is a COVID-19-causing virus that was initially reported to the WHO in South Africa. Although Omicron grows 70 times quicker in the lungs than the Delta variation, data suggests it is less severe than prior strains, particularly when compared to the Delta variety. Omicron may have a harder time penetrating deep lung tissue. Omicron infections are 91 percent less likely to be deadly than delta infections, and they come with a 51 percent lower chance of hospitalisation. Overall, because of the virus’s fast rate of spread and capacity to resist both double vaccination and the body’s immune system, the total number of patients requiring medical care at any given moment remains a major issue. Our team of experts has been prepared to fight fully equipped against Coronavirus ever since the onset of the pandemic. We were strong during the challenging time of the Delta variant and we are even stronger now, especially in regards to what we specialise in, i.e., women and children care. We understand that the anxieties in regards to childbirth have only increased ever since this new variant showed its face but NOT TO WORRY as we CARE. We, here at Ovum family, completely understand the mothers and their concerns which is why our team of experts at Ovum make sure that you get the best care possible so that Covid-19 which has become a part of modern life stops affecting your parental choices. Because we care and we promise to remain with you until the end, we have established our name as the best women hospital in Bangalore.

Vaccines continue to protect against severe disease and hospitalisation especially after the third dose of a vaccine is given which is why we even offer early bookings for vaccination against Covid for children so they are protected and shielded from this virus. We Care. Early figures suggest that double vaccination offers 30 to 40 percent protection against infection and around 70 percent protection against hospitalisation. A recent third vaccine dose boosts effectiveness against infection to around 75 percent, and 88 percent for a severe disease which is the reason for Ovum’s emphasis on vaccination making us the best children hospital in Bangalore.

As with other variants, the WHO recommended that people continue to keep enclosed spaces well ventilated, avoid crowding and close contact, wear well-fitting masks, clean hands frequently, and get vaccinated. Sanitation and hygiene are just two of Ovum’s many strong suits which should put our patient’s minds at ease because we understand that cleanliness is something that a patient should never have to compromise with. Also, the Ovum family recommends that both doses of vaccine should be taken for realising the full benefit of vaccination and that is why we have made it very simple for you to tend to your and your children’s needs by registering on our website to avail the doses for vaccination. We also want you to know that people with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should manage their symptoms at home. On average it takes 5–6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show and they get better in about less than a week which makes the virus not a very serious threat to the population with good immunity. We, here at Ovum, want the best for you and as aforementioned, we are prepared in this fight against Covid but we want you to join your hands with us so that we can contain the spread of the virus. We cannot win this war against the pandemic if you, our family, won’t join us in this fight. There’s nothing to fret about because we, at Ovum care about you and we, along with our team of experts in the medical field are fully equipped with expertise and cutting edge technology at our hospital which has set our name apart in the medical field and made us the best Women and children hospital in Bangalore.

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