How does laparoscopy help in infertility?

If you have been trying to get pregnant for some time without any success, then you have some fertility problems. To clarify it, it’ll be better for you and your partner to meet your doctor and get your health check-up done. This will help you to identify any problems at an early stage. There are several ways that doctors can help with your infertility issues, and laparoscopy is one such procedure that will improve your chances of getting pregnant. Laparoscopy is also known as keyhole surgery.

Laparoscopy will help the doctor to diagnose and treat the problem of infertility. In this surgical procedure, your doctor may make two to three incisions in your abdominal region. A laparoscope – is a very thin surgical instrument that has a camera and light fitted on it. This helps the doctor identify and treat the problem. Laparoscopic surgeries are preferred procedures for bariatric surgeries and gallbladder removals, treating cysts or fibroids, endometriosis, mainly for gynecologists, this method is very useful in the field of infertility.  Let’s see how this method is useful in treating the causes of infertility, managing pain, and preserving fertility for later in life. Ovum Hospitals provide the best fertility treatment in Bangalore to all patients.

Endometriosis Treatment:

This is a condition where the uterine tissue grows outside the uterus instead of lining it. This will cause severe pain, heavy menses, and may even lead to infertility. The symptoms for this condition are severe pain and discomfort during menses, breakthrough bleeding between periods, abnormal urination, unusual fatigue, and painful intercourse.

This condition will cause inflammation in the fallopian tubes and fimbriae can cause swelling and scarring which can develop an uncomfortable environment for both sperm and eggs to survive. The scar tissue blocks the fallopian tubes completely; due to this, the fertilized eggs will be blocked from reaching the uterus.

Ovarian Cystectomy:

A process of removing cysts from one or both of a woman‘s ovaries is called cystectomy. If you are diagnosed with ovarian cysts that are blocking the fallopian tubes and causing severe pain that interferes in your day to day activities then your doctor may suggest removing the cysts that are growing too large and don’t seem to go away after the menstrual cycle. In some cases, your doctor may even suggest an ultrasound-guided-needle procedure to drain the cyst.  Unlike other surgical treatments, this minimally invasive laparoscopy is a better option since it requires only a small incision, less pain, and by removing the cysts while keeping the ovaries and surrounding muscles intact.

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This is a similar procedure like ovarian cystectomy, this helps in the removal of fibroids from the uterus. These uterine fibroids are non- cancerous growths that mostly form during women’s childbearing years. Due to these fibroids, you may have severe pelvic pain, and irregular periods, in addition to this, these fibroids will cause blockage in the uterus that will cause more complication to conceive.  This condition may be difficult for an embryo to implant itself in the uterus.   This procedure of myomectomy can be successfully done with minimally invasive laparoscopy; it can reduce the risk of heavy blood loss, scar tissue, complications with childbirth which generally occurs in open surgeries.

Lysis of Adhesions:

Scar tissue in the uterus of a woman can be a serious problem to conceive. Lysis of adhesions is a procedure to remove scar tissue in the uterus. A woman suffering from scar tissues will have symptoms such as irregular periods, severe pelvic pain, infertility, and may also have recurrent miscarriages. Lysis of adhesions is done using a minimally invasive method called laparoscopy. This procedure will help in increasing the chances of fertility and prevent any further complications related to uterine adhesions.

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