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We believe that this would help prevent complications and hence reduce admissions into NICU. This would also help to achieve better mother and baby bonding. Additionally by providing a world class high standard of newborn resuscitation services we hope to reduce both  mortality and long term and short term morbidity.

Our Commitment : We at Ovum the best neonatal intensive care unit in bangalore are committed to providing high quality newborn resuscitation and stabilization services by a professional team composed of a highly trained doctor and a highly skilled nurse having the best possible equipment in any location. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the baby is given the best possible chance right at Birth !

The Life Breath of your Precious Ones

The first cry of the newborn brings unlimited joy and happiness to parents and medical professionals as well. For over a century there has been a lot of debate within the medical community on how to identify and support babies who need medical support at Birth.

Before Birth, inside the Womb the baby is swimming in the amniotic fluid . The lungs are full of fluid. At the time of birth the brain sends a signal which triggers the first cry. This then allows a large amount of air to enter the lungs. The heart acts as a pump which pushes the oxygenerated pure blood from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Normally babies are able to undergo this transition from the fetal life where the baby is supported entirely by the mother through the placenta to a life outside the womb.

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