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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultation in Bangalore

Breastfeeding Education & Assistance for Maternal Nutrition

Ovum Hospitals provides lactation consulting services and breastfeeding support in Bangalore to assist new & young moms equate nursing to child with comfort. Adoptive breastfeeding services, induced lactation and relactation services of ovum hospitals facilitate mothers to acquire positive health reflexes and develop baby bonding to encourage a simple and healthy parenting life.

Breastfeeding provides various advantages for both the mother and child. Breast milk contains vital nutrition for your baby and the act of breastfeeding also gives you the opportunity to bond with your child. We at OVUM, encourage safe feeding and have a special team of experts to support and address any breastfeeding concerns that you may have.

We have the following Lactation services:

Lactation services

  • Breastfeeding classes – helps you better understand how Labor and Birth can affect breastfeeding. Best positions and proper feeding techniques which will help in better bonding with the baby
  • Breastfeeding consultations – in case of any concerns you can reach out to our experts for a one to one consultation
  • Baby bonding with the help of proper techniques can be increased
  • Latching issues due to breast problems like flat or inverted nipples can be corrected with proper guidance by the expert
  • Issues at any stage of the lactation journey – Breast engorgement, Flat or inverted nipple, Sore or burning nipples etc can be addressed by our experts to make it a more comfortable experience for you

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