General Pediatric Center

Pediatricians & Child care


Our experienced team of paediatricians educates and guide the parents to choose immunization and other preventive measures that are best for the child.

Pediatric Emergencies

At Ovum, we understand the difficulties faced by parents in the care of children with medical problems that require immediate actions. IN such cases, reaching for medical help on time is crucial. We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of medical care for pediatric emergencies. We offer initial emergency treatment and stabilization. Our team of doctors and nurses monitor the child closely looking at all the parameters.

Surgical Management

Our team of experts are equipped to handle all major and minor cases of pediatric surgical management. We aim to protect children to enable them to live healthy lives. With the help of our expertise, well-equipped laboratories, equipment, experts and our commitment, you will find the best treatment and care for your child.

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