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Level 3 NICU

Level 3 NICU

Neonatal care refers to care right after birth and is highly important for the proper development and health of a baby. Intensive care may be needed for babies born prematurely with low birth weight or with medical conditions that require specialized treatment.

We at Ovum provide highly specialized treatments like high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, Laser treatment for eyes, exchange transfusion, CPAP, surfactant therapy and phototherapy. Our neonatal team of doctors and nurses are available round the clock to ensure the best care for newborns. We encourage parents to participate in taking care of premature infants as this ensures a quicker recovery.


Our expert neonatal team takes care of the mandatory vaccines required at the time of the birth of the baby and educates and guides the parents on the same.

The neonatal cooling therapy unit

Cooling therapy is used in case of difficult labour. The treatment is done under the supervision of experts, and sophisticated equipment is used for the same. Our team is well equipped to handle all such cases with ease and professionalism.

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