10 things to expect during your trimester?

Before anything – we congratulate you on your GOOD NEWS! If you have just found out about your pregnancy, it is obvious you are excited, eager, anxious- all at the same time! When you are pregnant, there are a lot of changes that are about to come your way – a few of them already happening!

So, let us just brief you about a few common changes that you may notice in your first to third trimester.

  1. Fatigue
    Oh Yeah! Being pregnant comes with an insane love for the couch! It is quite natural as your body is going through a lot of hormonal, physical and psychological changes. In such times, you will surely feel tired most of the time. Do find some engagement or light exercise to keep you active.
  2. Check on food and drinks
    Behold ladies! There are going to be some major food checks when you are pregnant. There is a strict NO to alcohol and any food that build up excess heat in your body. You need to start eating healthier for your and your baby’s health!
  3. Not everyone gains weight
    Be it your first or third trimester, you are likely to hear that you WILL put on weight. Well, each individual’s body is different and you may not put on as much weight as your friend did! And, that’s absolutely fine. Or, even better! You may feel nauseous or lose your appetite.
  4. Heartburn
    This could be something that may bother you at any point in your pregnancy. When your uterus grows it pressurizes the intestines leading to lesser digestion and thus, heartburn. Drinking water always helps!
  5. Morning sickness
    This is one of the most common complaints of expecting mothers. When you are newly pregnant or in your first trimester, you can expect a lot of “Not so good mornings”. There is going to be a constant feeling of giddiness and vomiting and it could continue well up to your second trimester.
  6. Constipation
    Now, don’t be already scared! It is a common issue many expecting mums face. The reason could be loss of appetite leading to lower fiber intake. This in turn causes constipation and hemorrhoids in many women. What you can do is try to fight with your appetite and indulge in good and healthy food to support your digestive system.
  7. Feeling low at times
    This is again a very common thing that may happen to you when you are pregnant. While pregnant, you could have serious mood swings and may feel depressed. However, there is nothing abnormal or odd about it. You are going through immense hormonal and psychological changes and it does affect the way you feel. Doing yoga and joining counseling surely helps.
  8. Feeling heavier by the day
    This is true. Once the baby inside you grows, your belly protrudes and you start feeling heavy. This could cause a hindrance to your motion and make you feel lethargic. This is unavoidable, yet you could start seeing it positively that your baby is indeed GROWING!
  9. Fluid retention
    Many women experience “swelling” in their trimester. It means that your body is retaining more fluids now and this could cause you to feel swelled up. To relieve the swelling in your feet and ankles, you can just elevate your feet, even when you sleep by keeping a pillow underneath.
  10. Varicose veins
    Though it is common in women who are due soon, many women also experience it in their first trimester. As you go further in your pregnancy, there is increasing pressure on your valves that causes these varicose veins. You can simply consult your doctor for the same.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about these symptoms. If you need any kind of assistance, Ovum Hospitals is readily available for your comfort because you and your baby are our first priority!

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