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10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Even before you take care of a newborn, you need to take care of yourself and your unborn baby. You need to take care yourself emotionally and physically during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life; it is blessed with a bundle of joy. A woman has to undergo many changes for that. It is not very simple as it sounds; it is associated with several complexities. Here are a few tips you may need to follow during pregnancy.

Prenatal care– you need to talk to your doctor to get advice for a healthy pregnancy and be screened to avoid any risk factors.

Eating right– Remember whatever you eat is a key part of pregnancy health; your unborn baby will absorb the food you eat. So eating good nutritional food is essential not only for you but also for your baby’s growth and development.

Keep yourself hydrated– you need to be hydrated always, to maintain that, drink as much water as you can. It helps in curbing excessive cravings by keeping you feel full, dilutes the urine and avoid any possibility of UTIs which is very important, drinking fluids will avoid bloating and helps in managing weight. Try to consume 3 liters of water daily to avoid constipation which happens because the entire body system slows down during pregnancy. If you feel nausea you can even add lemon to it.

Hygiene of the food– you should consume food made at hygienic places which have a good environment, uncooked meat and unpasteurized milk can be toxic and affect your baby’s health.

Manage stress – giving birth to a child is nerve-wracking, and you may feel stressed about it. So take your time to learn managing stress and be positive.

Exercise regularly– exercising throughout your pregnancy is important for your health and it can help you prepare for labor. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is required to keep you healthy. Practice pelvic tilts to overcome lower back pain & help baby assume a good birth position which can be pivotal during birthing.

Take rest– sometimes you may have discomfort that can disturb your night sleep, by maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercises, and managing stress can improve sleep during pregnancy. You can also try relaxation techniques like yoga or a warm bath before bed, may give you a good sleep. If you have improper sleep at night make sure you rest in the day.

Changing your habits – healthy lifestyle choices will impact you and your baby’s health directly. You should avoid certain habits that may cause problems lifelong such as smoking and drinking alcohol, which can restrict baby’s growth and increase the chances of preterm birth.

Take supplements– you should consult your doctor for any vitamin supplements in case you are not getting the essential nutrients from your regular diet.

Adding super foods – you can try to add super foods to your diet such as millets, broccoli, avocado, blueberries, flax seeds to name a few.

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