10 Ways to Have a Healthy Winter Pregnancy

While some women would surely prefer a winter pregnancy over the discomfort of the summer heat, it is not an unknown fact that winters bring their fair share of challenges for the expecting mother. Be it repetitive bouts of fever, chills, cold, flu and other infections, winter could be a little or more de-motivational for the mum-to-be! However, you can sail through it easily if you take the necessary precautions beforehand.

So, here we bring to you the 10 best ways to have a good winter pregnancy, right from eating right to skin hydration and more.

  1. Avoid stuffing your belly even if you get the constant temptation to hog on food during your pregnancy, it would be wise to limit your intake during the winters. Do not “eat for two” as you could end up feeling more inactive and lethargic leading to other issues. Do consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and try to include saffron in your diet. It keeps the body warm and strong.
  2. Look at how you dress harsh winters, you must ensure staying as protected as possible. We would suggest you to go for layering of clothes as you can remove them whenever need be. For lighter clothing, you can opt for scarves, shawls, light cardigans and more.
  3. Wash your hands regularly may sound a little difficult to wash your hands again and again in the winters. But, it is essential to keep the germs and bacteria away! Use a good soap to clean your hands multiple times a day because you would never want your baby to ingest any germs. Would you?
  4. A skin moisturizer helpsDo we need to mention how our skin feels in the winters? The stretchy, dry, cracked skin is a strict NO-NO! avoid all the flakes and itchiness by using a good quality moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and supple. We suggest using warm water for bathing. Do not go for hot water – even if it could be so difficult to resist!
  5. Water is a great solution water is an answer to almost all health problems! Particularly in winters, your body needs more water. Do not compromise on drinking water during winters as it could help you stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Keep taking small sips of water during the day to avoid dehydration and other complications.
  6. Exercise dailyIt may not be easy to go out for a morning or evening walk during the cold winters. What you could do is take up some indoor exercise options to stay healthy and fit during your pregnancy. Opt for some indoor walking or yoga which could make you mentally and physically fit.
  7. Get vaccinated for flouring your pregnancy, you could experience a lower immunity and hence, it is advisable to take up the flu vaccine. It is safe for both the baby and the mother. It is a good way to stay away from the hundred complications that could happen due to cold and flu.
  8. Stay indoorsStay in the comfort and warmth of your home and avoid going out frequently. It is good to avoid the cold breeze and infections outside. If you think you would get bored staying at home – indulge in some light activities for recreation like reading books, or watching your favorite movies etc.
  9. Get treated, if required in spite of all this, if you still feel sick, you must consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will give you the best treatment. We say NO to any kind of self-treatment as it could be dangerous for you and your baby.
  10. Stay happy!The most important thing is to stay happy and calm during your pregnancy. That is the best way to enjoy a healthy pregnancy!

Is there anything else you would like to add? For any queries or help, you can reach out to us anytime, Get the treatment of maternal health care , general pediatrics, etc. Happy to help!

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