tips about newborn babies.

You have undergone the nine months of your pregnancy waiting for the arrival of your little one. After the labour and the time spent in the hospital, now you are ready to get discharged and go home. Taking care of your little one for the first time could be intimidating task. Here are some of the tips about newborn babies

Skin to skin contact
Skin to skin contact means keeping your baby’s naked with only a nappy against your skin usually on the top of your chest with a blanket cover on top of the baby. Skin to skin contact helps to keep the baby warm and calm. They also feel very reassured listening to the mothers heartbeats.

In the beginning it feels as if The baby is constantly breastfeeding, but gradually you and your baby will get into a pattern and the amount of milk you produce will also improve
Typically babies feed once in 2 to 3 hours and generally feed more at night this could keep the first-time mothers constantly awake at night and tire them out you should ensure that you get adequate rest whenever the baby sleeps during the day time you also should ensure that you are having plenty of liquids to drink and a balanced nutritious diet

How often to feed my baby
You should breast feed the child on demand. In the initial few days the child may be waking up constantly and cycling at the breast once your milk supply is built up in the child will be able to sleep for longer hours and also a pattern may be established.

Help and support for breastfeeding
Initially you could face a lot of problems Regarding positioning and attachment of the baby to the breast. there also could be leaking milk from the breasts and sometimes sore nipples or cracked Nipples could happen.
please reach out to the lactation nurse at the clinic or hospital to help you deal with this equation

Babies generally sleep 1 to 2 hours between every feed generally they are more sleepy during the day times and are awake and feed more during the night times overall they may spend 15 to 16 hours sleeping and the remaining time is spent on feeding. After a few months this and settle down and babies tend to sleep longer.

What is the right temperature for the baby
And since it is difficult to know what is comforting the child the best way to do this is true you are comfort make sure that you are comfortable in your room depending on how many layers of clothes you are wearing add an additional layer of clothes to the child this will generally ensure that the baby is in the right temperature

Baby is generally cry then there hungry. They settle down as soon as the start cycling at the breast how are there are some other reasons where the baby could be crying one of them could be if they have Passed urine or motions and want the nappy to be changed.
The other reason could be if the room is too hot or too cold.
Sometimes babies do have stomach cramps and could cry.

Rocking the babies gently Or burping the babies or using a vibratory noise to distract them could calm them down.  However, if they are not settling you might need to see your Doctor Who might prescribe anti coilc medication to Calm your baby.

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