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Best Maternity Hospital in Bangalore

The journey of motherhood is the most precious period for every woman. It can be even more if it is your first time. So it is very important for you to know the best maternity hospital in Bangalore which is near to commute and has all the facilities in terms of services, equipment, and doctors. You need to choose the hospital which can meet your requirements before, during and after the delivery.

Ovum Hospitals assure you to make this journey a memorable one.  Since maternity is a complicated issue there would be many thoughts and the first thought is the selection of a good doctor and hospital.  Ovum Hospital has a well-trained team of doctors who can put several fears and myths related to pregnancy to rest. We can ensure you that the health of the mum and the baby is in safe hands.

Our hospital is well equipped to handle all emergencies. Our hospital has a high end Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to treat any complicated and early delivery of the baby.,At Ovum Hospitals we handle normal deliveries as well as complicated high-risk pregnancies very carefully.

Ovum hospital is the best maternity hospital in Bangalore and our gynecologists and physicians team together to provide personalized care for a woman with different health issues which include menstrual problems, birth control, menopause, prenatal care, infertility, high-risk deliveries, endometriosis, fibroids, family planning operations, premarital counseling, IVF, IUI, ovarian cysts, etc. We provide 24 hours of pediatrics and maternal care for the patients. At Ovum Hospitals, with our expert team of doctors and technology, we have reduced the mortality rate of newborns. Of all the joy and challenges you face in life, pregnancy and motherhood are the most magical and special moments in life for you.

The maternity care department is managed by a team of highly experienced obstetricians, nurses, and medical technicians. The hospital provides services for fertility issues, fetal medicine, pediatrics, women and child care. Each patient is given the best quality medical treatment and personalized care in all their chain of hospitals.

As a mother, you may want the best hands to take care of you and your little one. We will provide just what you and your baby needs. We take specialized care for the babies and the mothers and provide high-quality services. We ensure that our team of doctors and nurses are trained with the latest clinical knowledge through the in house training, to offer the best services to all patients.

Ovum hospital provides high-end services so that your journey right from conception to delivery is pleasant and memorable.

Normal delivery or cesarean is performed by expert and qualified doctors. Patients are assured that they are in the correct hands. Special medical care provided to women who are experiencing complicated pregnancy. Special care is provided for newborns and their mother’s post-delivery. Lactation consultation services arranged for the new mother to know the appropriate breastfeeding techniques.

The hospital provides 24-hour pediatrics and maternal care.  The operation theaters are well equipped the modern technology to conduct emergency cesarean delivery.

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