Should I continue to have parental visits, I’m worried about being exposed to COVID-19

If you have an appointment with your doctor, should you still plan for it?

At this point, the hospitals are open and caring for patients. The hospital has implemented a high level of screening measures for parental visiting. A team of people is appointed to increase the frequency of cleaning and enhanced cleaning procedures in clinics, patient rooms, operating rooms, and waiting rooms etc, 24/7. For your safety, we request you to visit the doctor with only one parent or guardian along with the patient. No siblings should accompany along with the patient.

One of the best ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to be safe is to limit the number of patients and visitors at hospitals especially women with the newborn or who come for toddlers checkup. For general illness, for mother and child, in-person visits can now bechanged to telephonic or video calling.

If you or your child has any chronic diseases and you/doctor are unable to figure out correctly via telephonic conversation and the doctor has to see you in person then you should visit the hospital without delaying further.

If you have any normal cold, cough or if it is for a follow-up consultation then it is better to avoid moving out of your place and be safe. These can be discussed with your doctor over phone, email or teleconsulting.

In case, if there is any surgery scheduled, the hospital will reschedule elective surgeries unless it is an emergency or it may affect the patient’s ongoing health.

You need not worry about COVID-19 when you come outdoors with your baby as the virus does not spread in the air. But you need to be very careful and ensure you are well covered and maintain social distancing.

For couples who want to get conceived-

At this time there is no data available regarding hold off on trying to get pregnant as the data we have is very less. As of today, we don’t think the virus causes birth defects or increases the risk of miscarriage. We are not sure whether you could transmit COVID-19 to the baby before or during the delivery. There is no data available if the virus lives in semen or can be sexually transmitted.

Will I be separated from my baby after delivery?

If you don’t have COVID-19 and you are not exposed to the virus then your baby is not separated from you.

If you have COVID -19 or you have been exposed and have no symptoms then you will be separated from your baby to decrease the risk of transmission to the newborn. This distancing will be maintained until you are confirmed that you are no longer at risk of transmitting the virus. This situation is, of course, heartbreaking therefore discuss with your doctor and pediatrician and your family members and plan the baby care if you need to be separated after delivering the baby.

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