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Almost every aspect of people’s lives is dominated by technology and artificial intelligence. Smart TVs, smartphones, and smart houses are in our homes and part of daily routines.  One cannot think of living life without these technologies much less, giving them up. Every little thing is at our fingertips – be it grocery shopping, learning a new subject, entertainment, etc.

Pregnant women typically have to give up many things like caffeine, alcohol, and shellfish. Here is a new compromise to add to the list – your gadgets or the time spent on them. If you are pregnant and reading this on your device, you might want to get through the entire article and then take a break from your devices.

The Yale Study

At Yale, a group of researchers researched pregnant mice. They attached a cell-phone to their cages. The results were astonishing. The mice that were exposed to cell-phone radiation in-utero were hyperactive and showed signs of impaired memory. This showed cell phone usage during pregnancy could lead to neurobehavioral disorders in the children.

Here are some effects of gadgets on pregnancy outcomes:

  1. Effect of Radiation on Pregnancy
    The RF-EMR (radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation) emitted from cell phones or laptops may affect the fetus’s development, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Since a lot of study around the subject is not available, there is not a lot of clear-cut data. However, the fact is that the number of technologies and consequently, the amount of radiation surrounding people keeps increasing.  Experts say the constant exposure to radiation can stunt the baby’s brain development in the womb.
  2. Effect of Phones on Expectant Mothers
    The blue light emitted from phones and laptops can keep the brain excitable instead of the preferred relaxed mode. Many doctors advise pregnant women to take adequate rest and keep their minds as stress-free as possible. However, phones, laptops, and constant notifications can keep the brain active and more susceptible to stress. A stressed mother can have many developmental effects on the baby in the womb.
  3. Effect of Phones on Sleep for Pregnant Women
    Using phones and other gadgets at night is one of the most harmful things you can do to your sleep. The blue light from your brain keeps your mind active, preventing you from falling asleep. This, in turn, changes your sleep schedule, and the effects of sleep deprivation start kicking in. Sleep deprivation is known to cause more pain and more prolonged labour with higher rates of discomfort. There is also a higher chance of preterm labor and cesarean instances when expecting mothers do not get enough sleep. If you experience early labour, visit a maternity hospital in Bangalore.

What Can You Do?

With the chronic use of phones for entertainment and work, giving up these gadgets during the entire pregnancy may not always be possible. However, here are some changes you can bring about to minimize the effects:

  • Keep the phone in airplane mode while not in use
  • You may want to make your bedroom a no-gadget space
  • Set a goal for screen time and never cross it
  • Find other sources of entertainment, including reading books, creating art and sketching, and so on
  • Go for long walks without any devices, so you get plenty of exercise and a nice, long break from your phone

It is often said that ‘technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master’. Unfortunately, our lives are now run by technology itself. However, if you are pregnant, you may want to consider a nice, long break for the sake of your and your baby’s health. To know more about technology and pregnancy as well as other things to avoid, visit a gynecology hospital in Bangalore.

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