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How to prepare for a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage

Miscarriage is a shattering experience that can leave you nervous about getting pregnant again or having anxiety. You might be flooded with questions like, “Can I conceive again?”, “Will I have to undergo a treatment for infertility?”. But a single miscarriage doesn’t mean you’ll lose your later pregnancies too. So, here’s how you can plan healthy pregnancy after miscarriage:

  1. Wait before trying again for pregnancy

    You will have to consult your doctor to know the approx time you should wait before trying again for pregnancy. General advice for waiting before conceiving can vary from one menstrual cycle to 3 months. A good gynecologist can determine the correct abstinence period by analyzing your ovulating cycle and biological readiness.

  2. Don’t hurry, take your time to get physically and mentally better

    Going through a miscarriage can take a heavy toll on your mental and physical health. Don’t try to cope with the loss by trying to conceive immediately. Give your body a rest and prepare yourself mentally before trying again. You should be prepared emotionally as well as physically because otherwise, it can affect your next pregnancy.

  3. Seek medical diagnosis and help

    Miscarriages can happen due to multiple reasons. It can be possible due to structural abnormalities such as a wall in the middle of the uterus that the women might have had since birth. You might have to get your uterus surgically corrected before trying for another pregnancy. Or, it might be obesity that led to unhealthy pregnancy and ultimately, a miscarriage. Therefore, it is highly advised to get yourself checked by a trained gynecologist with experience in such cases.

  4. Control your diabetes

    In many miscarriages, diabetes has been a major problem that led to the unfortunate event. If you have diabetes, it is highly advised to control your blood sugar levels for a few months and keep them in check before trying for another pregnancy. It may take time to treat uncontrolled diabetes, but you should definitely wait because diabetes can also lead to birth defects and other adverse effects, including miscarriage.

  5. Give up tobacco and alcohol if you want to have a healthy pregnancy

    You will have to change your lifestyle if you really want to go for a healthy pregnancy this time. Give up tobacco and alcohol consumption. Reduce your caffeine intake, it should be less than 200 milligrams. Don’t consume other banned drugs that can harm your physical or mental health. Do note that pregnancy is not all about being able to conceive, it’s about remaining healthy all along and having a healthy baby. So, your life choices can affect the pregnancy and may lead to a miscarriage.

So, these are some ways you can prepare for a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage. Do note that miscarriages are not talked about a lot, but are common. So taking precautions for the next time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and keeping your weight in a healthy range can help you achieve a healthy pregnancy next time. If you still have any questions or worries, Ovum Hospital is always there for you. With an experienced team of doctors and high-level equipment, we will ensure a pleasant experience for you to get over your past miscarriage and get a better care this time.

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