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Miscarriage: You are not alone. Get the right support

Losing your baby even before it is born could be a traumatic experience for any mother. Miscarriages are a common phenomenon, but that doesn’t reduce the trauma by an iota. At times, the mother feels a kind of loss that she is not able to express to anyone else.

Many women prefer to stay silent about their miscarriage, mainly because they haven’t told about their pregnancy either. So, they do not want to share their grief with others. Also, the silence can be because of the fear of judgement or unnecessary consolation that they will receive from friends and family.

So, in all this, you are left feeling alone. But, NO! You need not feel alienated and traumatized for a long time. You must try to give in your best and come out of the pain so that you can take care of your present and your future.

How to reduce grief? Here are a few things that could help lessen your pain.

  1. SHARE
    Do not hesitate to confide your grief in your closest people. If you open up, chances are that they too will open up about their sorrows or similar incidents and that could boost up your confidence to look back at motherhood again. We suggest disclosing the news to only those whom you can relate to and who are empathetic because the last thing you want to hear is any harsh taunt.
  2. COPE
    It is an irreversible loss and it is easier said than done when we ask you to cope with the loss. It may take time and you will feel like the end of the world with all negative thoughts. But, you can surely find numerous ways to cope with the loss and distract yourself from the thoughts that are holding you back.

    1. Indulge yourself in some recreational activities that will allow you to vent out your inner grief. Painting or poetry are a great means to do so. You can write about the pain you feel and see how it relaxes you.
    2. Other activities that could help you with coping with the loss include shopping and gardening. Growing green plants and seeing flowers could greatly relax you and elevate your mood. It is a good pastime for you when you are looking for some break from your monotonous life.
    No matter what all you try, it is highly likely that you will always be left with some residual grief. So, we always suggest such women to see a therapist or a gynecologist. Many people think it is not required and everything is “Normal”. But, a good session of counselling can do wonders for each one of us. A counsellor helps to go a long way on the path to healing. When looking for a counsellor, go for someone who has specialised in providing therapeutic care for women with miscarriages. They will surely use their techniques to make you feel better and look at life with a fresh pair of lenses.

Ovum hospital is one such centre for advanced women health care & Maternity Hospital in Bangalore. Be it any kind of women related issue, we are always listening! Our therapists are well experienced to deal with such difficult cases and they provide the best of counselling to help you cope with such stressful situations.

Losing a child through miscarriage doesn’t make you any less of a mother – this is something we believe in and it is our responsibility to make you believe in the same. If you are going through such kind of a pain, please feel free to contact us today!

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