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Everything moms and moms-to-be need to prep for a post-pandemic world

In this uncertain and unprecedented post-pandemic world, moms and moms-to-be remain in constant anxiety related to their own and their children’s well being. Ovum Hospitals in Bangalore aims to ensure that these wonder women can remain relaxed about things like childbirth which is supposed to be joyful, and not a stressful experience. Ever since the onset of the pandemic, women are afraid whether they and their offsprings are being provided adequate care or not, which is something that the patients at Ovum Hospitals most definitely don’t have to consider because the hospitals are especially known for the sanitary measures that they follow, which without a doubt are top in class. Read more to prep for a post-pandemic world.

The patients aren’t treated like patients but like part of a family of the experts and staff members. Compassion lies on the top of the priority list of Ovum Hospitals. The very mantra of the hospitals covers what they aspire to do which is “We accompany you on your journey through being a mother.” Our ex-patients, whom we like to refer to as our family members, provide testimony to the fact that we live up to our mantra. Our hospital is undoubtedly and truly the best women hospital in Bangalore with state-of-the-art facilities along with experts in the field of maternal care who make sure that our patients receive the best care that they deserve, especially in a post pandemic time like today.

Our facilities are extremely comprehensive in nature and we offer services that include but aren’t limited to radiology, vaccinations, maternal health, women’s health, neonatal ICU, pediatrics, fertility services, general medicine, ultrasonography, physiotherapy, nutrition, breastfeeding services, and lab and pharmacy. Our facilities ascertain that our moms and moms-to-be have access to everything that they could possibly require for themselves and their children in this post-pandemic world. The sense of security that our experts ensure our patients comes from their years of experience along with the expertise that they have honed through rigorous practice that puts the minds of our patients at ease so they can focus only on the joyful experience that childbirth is supposed to be. It is enough to showcase that our hospital is the best maternity hospital in Bangalore.

The total number of successful deliveries that we have had so far amount to 8093 and the number is constantly on the rise. Our neonatal survival rate is a whooping 99% and our patients have reviewed us at 4.2 out of 5, which is the highest in Bangalore for any hospital that specializes in maternity and child care. Our goal is to provide utmost care to our patients, which can only be done through an amalgamation of compassion and expertise which is what makes our hospital exceptional in nature. Ovum Hospitals is prepared for a world where COVID-19 has become a part of life and our Ovum family will ensure that your family lies in safe hands.

We’ve been recognised countless times by respectable organizations in the field of mother and child care. We’ve achieved the title of being the best obstetrics and gynecologist hospital in the entire state. Also, according to Times Health Survey-2019, we’ve secured 3rd rank in Bangalore as single speciality pediatrics, 5th in OBG and 7th all across India in 2020 which further attempts to showcase our excellence and commitment to the care of our patients.

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