When do you need to see a doctor immediately during the initial days of pregnancy?

Expecting? It can be very exciting and at the same time a very emotional moment for you especially if this is your first child! It will bring in a lot of changes in your life not only physically but also emotionally. You will be confused, you will not have any idea about the different things happening and you will always have a questions running through your mind. Well, the first for you to do is to look for a reliable maternity hospital in Bangalore where you can have your regular check-ups covered.

Pregnancy care is very important for you to cover it right. For this, you need to proper guidance of your doctor. But, how much you must visit your doctor during your first trimester to feel fully safe? Well, if you are looking for answers of the same question, then you have landed yourself in the right page.

There are a number of things which comes up with pregnancy, but you must not keep calling your doctor. You will have things managed with ease with time. But, there are times when things can get serious, and you must not avoid visiting your maternal health care specialist. If you are confused about this, below mentioned are few of the situations which you must not avoid and have it checked right away:

  1. Regular Spotting:

    During your first trimester, you might get to experience some spotting. If it’s limited to spotting then you can just drop a text to doctor and ask if everything is normal or not. But, if it’s continuous bleeding, then you must book an appointment right away and have it checked. There are a number of serious reasons behind bleeding and you must not avoid it at any cost at all.

  2. Excessive Vomiting:

    Vomiting comes as a part and parcel of your pregnancy. But, there is a limit to it too! Yes, you need to keep a track of your nausea and vomiting and check whether it is more than normal or what! If you are having excessive vomiting regularly in your first trimester then you must get an appointment fixed with your doctor right away. There has to be something which is leading to excessive nausea.

  3. High Fever:

    This is another reason which you must not avoid at all costs and have it checked by your doctor. Yes, if your fever temperature is higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit then, get your schedule fixed as it can affect your baby!

Ovum Hospital has all the facilities which can help you with quick action to recover from the problem. So, you must schedule your appointment with them right away for smooth pregnancy throughout!

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