Preparation for the delivery day

As the delivery date nears it is a special time in your life. You may feel nervous, but preparing yourself ahead of time can help calm your nerves. Here are some helpful steps for you to get ready to welcome home your little one.

  • Attend labor and childbirth classes– these classes are conducted by specialized birthing health professionals who are well experienced in various labor coping techniques and preparation for the delivery.
  • Preparation for normal delivery– if you are preparing for normal delivery then the preparation should start when you decide to get pregnant as it helps to in the entire process of delivering a baby so that you will not face any unforeseen complications and you are well prepared.
  • Discuss with your doctor– you can clear all your doubts and discuss various possibilities of childbirth such as what to do in case of C-section, premature birth, etc. You should know that the labor strategies may not work the same for every woman in pain, so you need to know your options and be prepared. The doctors start the procedures immediately after you reach the hospital. They will not explain the procedures and tests which they carry out. But you are free to ask them about what they are doing. The doctor will be happy to answer your questions about how to be prepared on the delivery day.
  • Pack your bag– you might need to rush to the hospital at any time. So it is better to pack the bag beforehand and keep it ready. You can take all your essentials like a pair of clothes, footwear, toothbrush, hairbrush, and clothes for the baby, medicines and other necessary things.
  • Breathing technique– when you are resting in the delivery room, lie down comfortably and concentrate on breathing. Slowly inhale and apply little force while exhaling this technique helps in expanding the tissues on either side of the vagina called perineum which helps ease the process of delivery.
  • Know about false labor– sometime you may have false labor contractions. These contractions begin to soften and thin the cervix preparing it for the delivery. But it is not true labor, they are irregular, it will reduce astime passes, and they do not become stronger.

Choose a pediatrician– if you don’t have any pediatrician then check your friends and family members and speak to them to visit the hospital on the day of delivery if he is not from the same hospital.

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