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Role of Dad in Baby Care

Over the last few decades, the family structure has completely changed and the parent of a newborn child has no comfort of elderly support which they used to find in joint families. Therefore, the partners need to support each other and understand the requirements.

What can a father do to make things better-are dads as good with newborns as they are with older kids?

Yes, fathers are as good as mothers, it’s got nothing to do with the gender, and it’s actually about how a parent feels about their child. Isn’t it?

Father’s, just like mothers play different roles throughout their child’s life.

While taking care of the baby father need not do too many things. He can help in doing small things that can give a positive influence on the child’s development and also supports the mother. It could be as simple as changing diapers- (many don’t like to do this as they feel it’s a messy process), help in feeding if the baby is formula fed, and getting feed ready, washing the milk bottles, holding the child for some time or playing with him.  Dad can also help in giving bath to the baby.

Keep the baby close by wearing a sling carrier while going for a walk.

Once the baby is old enough, dads can engage themselves in physical play with the little ones. This will develop a child’s sense of balance and coordination.

Understand the wife’s needs, as well as the baby’s needs. As she may be getting up frequently to feed the baby during which he can take over whatever chores required.

Start being organized – that is to take care of the things, be it with the household chores, appointments, helping in stocking the diapers, baby clothes, etc.

Generally, moms would do anything to make their babies sleep. So dad also can take this up and put the baby to sleep with his singing skills.

Bonding with the baby:

When dads spend some time with their babies they begin to develop a strong relationship with them from the beginning. These babies have a lot of benefits like

  • The baby’s mental and physical development is boosted when his dad plays with him compared with the kids whose fathers took a more hands-off approach.
  • The child will not get into any kind of depression later in life because of strong father-child bonding.
  • Children who had a good relationship with their fathers found to be better equipped to handle stress, they are more successful academically, have good relationships with their peers.

Fathers can be with children and listen to their day to day activities in their school and their performance. They can teach the child rhymes / games etc.

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